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 Let's explore 
 working together 

What if your desire for a healthy and fulfilling intimate relationship is a call to inner and outer expansion and adventure...
rather than a problem to be solved?

For those of us who have experienced a lot of hurt and confusion in love, the road from singlehood to healthy partnership can seem daunting.

But when we reframe this journey as an adventure, our curiosity gets to lead the way. Excitement and learning have a seat at the table. And we know that stumbling is ok because we’ll sometimes be trekking through challenging terrain.

In the adventure we take together, we’ll approach your inner work from new angles designed to help you fully embody the healing required for healthy love.

In my 10 years as a holistic coach and energy psychology facilitator (and as a recipient of these modalities), I've learned that lasting transformation can happen in any area of life when we go to the root of our limiting patterns. And when we honor all aspects of our mind-body-energy system. 

By attending to all these layers of being, not just the mind, you can more easily and naturally

  • Release unhealthy attachments

  • Heal grief and shame from early childhood and beyond

  • Shed beliefs & behaviors that sabotage healthy connection

  • Establish inner security and core confidence

  • Reclaim curiosity, and playful joy

  • Deepen your intuition

  • Trust your inherent worthiness and belonging

  • Open to receiving healthy love, attention, and support

  • Set beautiful boundaries 

  • Speak your loving, vulnerable, and courageous truth

  • Have fun getting to know new humans

  • Gain clarity on your deepest desires for a relationship

  • Increase your sense of deservingness for what you really want

  • Recognize a true partner who is worthy of your precious time and attention

Working Together

I work with women one-to-one over a series of sessions to create momentum and breakthroughs in love. Once we've established we're a good fit, the structure of how we work together is fairly simple. 

True & Healthy Love Monthly Subscription

Three 1:1 sessions per month: $450

3-month minimum commitment. After the 3-month mark, subscriptions can be extended on a month-to-month basis depending on availability. 

With all new clients, I start with a 3-month subscription, which includes three sessions per month. Each of these sessions is 60 minutes long. Within these nine sessions, many clients experience incredible breakthroughs in the depth and quality of how they're giving and receiving love in all their relationships. Those who are dating find they feel more grounded, confident, and self-loving in the process. They establish a sense of ease and trust that they'll meet their wholehearted match when the timing is right. 


If more support is needed, subscriptions can be extended on a month-to-month basis.  


Interested in learning more about my approach? Click here

Session Follow Up: I follow up each session with notes about your breakthroughs and easy action steps to help you fully integrate these changes throughout the coming weeks. 

Support Between Sessions: As you take action in the world in between sessions, you may have questions arise or new challenges pop up. Feel free to reach out. Within 24 hours of any given outreach (except on weekends), I respond with an email or bite-sized coach recording to support you on your path.

Financial concerns?

There is no perfect formula for pricing transformational sessions that match the variety of people's financial situations (while still honoring the value of the service provided). If you are deeply lit up by the possibility of this work, but money is a true hardship at this time, please use the contact form to send me a note. We'll look at sliding scale options/payment plans (starting at $300 per month). It is my desire to help as many women as possible who are really ready for transformation. We need more self-loved, confident, and courageous women roaming this earth!!  

Excited to dive in?


If you're feeling truly ready to make breakthroughs in relating, it would be my pleasure to gift you a powerful, complimentary 30-minute coaching and energy psychology session. This way you can experience what it would feel like to have me as your coach and facilitator.


It is my intention for this appointment to be impactful in your life and a helpful opportunity for us to explore our collaborative fit. If this invitation sparks a "yes" for you, send an email my way: I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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I've experienced a sea-change in my relating.

I came to these sessions with Emily not knowing how to identify (let alone change) the patterns that weren’t working for me in my dating life. All I knew was that I was stuck in ways of relating that were frustrating, painful, repetitive, and based on really low expectations. 

A lot has changed as a result of this work and I feel like my whole lens on relationships has transformed. I’m no longer relating or dating out of my old wounds. I feel more responsible for my own emotional environment and much deeper clarity on what partnership means for me—and how I want to be in a partnership.

I’m exploring a new relationship now and I finally feel like I’m growing through healthy connection, not just hard lessons and disappointment. It feels really good to get out of my own way.

Preparing yourself for partnership is a sacred journey.

With a trusted guide (who's been where you are), the journey can unfold with more ease and joy than going it alone.

While you might be feeling frustrated or exhausted with what you've tried so far on the path to partnership, let me reassure you and encourage you to carry on.


I know from personal experience, and through my work with clients, with the right tools and the right support (in concert with your devotion to healing and growth), the love breakthrough you yearn for is possible!

Emily Snider with Bill

If you're curious to learn more about the sessions and my approach to this work, click here

VALUES: As a wholehearted human, I know deep in my bones that we're all in this experience together and that the safety and wellbeing of each and every one of us matters. My work in this world is based on inclusion for people across all races, ages, colors, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, disability/abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. If money is a true hardship, please inquire about partial scholarship opportunities.

I have found that working with Emily has created profound shifts in my personal and professional life. She has studied and understood how releasing limiting unconscious beliefs and allowing the body and mind to heal can help us to align with our truest self, beyond doubt, anxiety, and fear. Working with Emily is simply an incredible opportunity and gift along the path.


- Mary

I came to my first session with Emily filled with shame and anxiety around a particular incident. By the time we finished, I felt renewed and self-loved.


I have no idea how this works, but it works. That's all I need to know. Just having Emily's guidance was a tremendous gift. I can't wait for the next session.  


- Mia

The sessions I have had with Emily have been profound. I immediately feel a shift in both my body and mind.


Emily has a gift as a facilitator that allows you to feel vulnerable and held all at the same moment...The work we did together has helped carry me in some difficult discussions. I feel strong and confident even in the midst of this challenging time in life.



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