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 Next Steps for Working Together 

Thank you for taking the time to connect on our introductory call. It was a true pleasure meeting you! Based on what you shared about your experience and your goals for the future, I feel this work would be of great benefit to you. AND, because it works with multiple levels of processing—body, mind, subtle energy, and your spiritual nature, it tends to support growth and change on a faster timeline than talk therapy or mindset coaching alone.  Within six sessions (my minimum length of work with any client), you will feel significant improvement in your self-perception, self-connection, and sense of ease and possibility charting an inspiring  in this world. 


With all new clients, I start with a 6-week coaching package, which includes one 60-minute session per week along with email/text-based support between sessions. 

Each of these sessions is 60 minutes long and includes energy psychology facilitation (PSYCH-K and/or TAT) within a holistic coaching framework. I also teach self-care tools 

Some people like to start off weekly and then move to bi-weekly (once every two weeks). Others like to have bi-weekly sessions from the start. Together, we'll find the optimal rhythm for you. 


This initial subscription is $900 ($150/session) and can be paid all at once or in 3 monthly payments of $300.  See the buttons below for payment and scheduling. 

Below are links to your full client intake form and

the calendar to schedule your first session. 

Please fill this out prior to our first full-length session together. 

PLEASE NOTE: If more support is needed once we've completed the three months together, subscriptions can be extended on a month-to-month basis (Two sessions at $300 per month). 

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Since beginning to work with Emily, I’ve observed so much evolution with my way of relating, to myself and others. I’ve watched myself release attachments to toxic people/situations that I once believed I’d never move past, and I’ve experienced increased self-esteem.


I have a better understanding of the kind of relationship I desire and deserve. I now spend more time operating from my joy space, and I feel so much happier, lighter and freer. I so enjoy working with Emily who brings such presence, joyfulness, compassion, and understanding as she guides sessions. Highly recommended.

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