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Support for the Risk Takers

Hello and welcome!

One of my intentions for this year is to connect more and foster community with like-spirited people who have nourished me with their vision and care for the world—entrepreneurs, artists, healers, educators, and community-builders.

As I contemplated this intention, an idea dropped in to hold bi-weekly or monthly group Zoom calls/sessions called "Support for the Risk Takers".


It will likely include a brief discussion of pertinent themes followed by my facilitating energy psychology and coaching for the group to help us feel more supported and activated in our work. This would be covering more of the energetic/emotional/spiritual aspects than any kind of nuts-and-bolts strategy.  

As a creative soul, healing arts practitioner, and solopreneur, I'm following my own longing as a clue for what might also be helpful to others in the same boat:

  • Feeling more nourished by connection with people who understand the challenges and joys of creating, educating, and helping others evolve through the wild tides of 21st-century living

  • Energetic support for growing more clear and strong in our visions and actions

  • Deepening intuition as another sense for navigating into the unknown

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Amplifying our work in the world through an expanded word-of-mouth base

  • A platform to share new ideas/desires for collaboration

If you're new to me or my work, please take a look around this website as it will give you a good sense of my approach to healing and growth work both with individuals and groups. 

Interested in participating?

Send an email to and let me know your name, website (if you have one), how you heard about this, and any particular area of support that seems most pressing at this time.


I look forward to hearing from you and gathering together soon! 

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