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Upward Spiral Group Sessions

Upward Spiral is a bi-weekly gathering I will be offering starting in March, 2024 where we can bring a dream, a desire, a challenge, or personal crisis to the group and open ourselves to a method of asking “What if?” in ever-expansive permutations.


In the process, the limits of our old thinking patterns dissolve and we updraft into previously unseen possibilities for ourselves and each other.

Many of us are unconsciously using our imaginations to buffer us from growing beyond our comfort zones (rather than allowing our enthusiasm to guide us into the unknown) by leading with worst-case scenarios and all the reasons why some fabulous, untested idea won't work. We shut down new notions and dreams before they even have a chance to play around in the world a bit. And, consequently, by forgetting to live with and practice awe, wonder, and courage, our world can become very small and stifling. Eeek!


The good news? This is just a bad habit we've become accustomed to in a culture obsessed with security and predictability. These Upward Spiral groups are designed not to come up with the realistic and strategic, but, through wild "what if" questioning, help us expand our imaginative horizons and bust loose from tip-toe living. 


What I have witnessed and experienced is a palpable feeling of relief, inspiration, clarity of purpose, a knowing that big dreams are actually within reach, and a childlike enthusiasm for being alive here together.  

  • Got a big dream that feels impossible? 

  • Feeling grief over a faltering relationship?

  • Facing a health challenge you don’t know how to approach yet? 

  • In the middle of a project you just can’t complete? 

  • Conflicted about which direction to go in your life? 


Bring it! 

Inspired by the the Japanese proverb, None of us is as smart as all of us, we tap into collective intelligence, imagination, and joy, and allow our individual lives to be nourished with deep belonging, new solutions, and increased life force so that old constrictions can fall away with more ease. 

The Details

  • Each session will be held on Zoom and will last from 60-90 minutes (depending on the number of participants) 

  • Each session will have a max of 10 people. 

  • You can attend as often as you like (bi-weekly, monthly).

  • Each session will be $30 to attend (payable by Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal) 

To start, I will be holding these gatherings at two different time slots each week:

Due to the interactive nature of this work, showing up live is required.

If you'd like to reserve one of the 10 slots for any of the above dates and times, click the link for the online scheduler. If you're new to me, I'll send over an intake form in addition to a payment link. 

New times may be considered based on interest and demand. For example, I'm considering hosting a Friday Happy Hour Upward Spiral session to kick the weekend off in high gear. If you'd like to request a day/time that works for you and others you know who are interested, email me here.

I am truly thrilled to be able to add this group work to my offerings. Especially as it allows me to reach people who, for various reasons, might not be able to afford 1:1 coaching at this time. 

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