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About the sessions and my approach

Our work together is held on Zoom and is strictly confidential. 


I combine compassionate attention, skillful pattern disruption, and efficient mind-body-energy tools (including somatic mindfulness and PSYCH-K) to help you create the richly balanced and highly impactful life you desire and deserve.

In a relatively short amount of time, we transform old emotional energy, limiting beliefs, and outdated programming that has resulted in any combination of numbness, anxiety, tension, and/or exhaustion.

As you become more embodied, relaxed, and heart-centered, you will reclaim your spirit of creativity, enthusiasm, and sense of possibility so that your outer success finally feels connected to your inherent worthiness and inner well-being.


Each session builds on our overall work together, but is totally unique in that it meets you right where you are at the time. We begin by discussing desired outcomes/highest hopes for the session, then dive into the transformational energy psychology and belief-change work using PSYCH-K, somatic mindfulness, and/or Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). 

We wrap up each session reviewing new insights that bubbled up and outlining inspired action steps to take in the coming days.

I aim to balance the depth of this work with a lightness of spirit, giving our creative, playful essence room to express and do its own healing magic. And we celebrate! All progress on the path deserves our holy attention and acknowledgment.

My motto?

Less information, more transformation.

There are a TON of self-love, self-confidence, and success books and courses circulating in the world these days. And I’m all for exploring them! 


But I won’t be talking about the latest research or expert advice in our time together as this can sometimes keep us stuck in our heads and make us feel like we’re moving forward, when we’re really just comforting ourselves with more information. 


My role is to help you move from your head into your intuitive heart and the intelligence of your body so you can start to breathe life back into all the parts of you that went offline in states of early overwhelm, shame, heartbreak, and disappointment. 


I am solutions and inner resource-focused, meaning I know deep in my being that you already have all that you need within you to bring your dreams to life. The work we do together is a partnership designed to help you reconnect with and activate your inner magic. ​

Energy psychology? 

We're living in an era blooming with powerful mind-body-energy modalities rooted in ancient wisdom practices, but tailored for these times.

With new insights from brain science, neurobiology, and quantum physics, we can create deep transformation at the level of our beliefs and nervous systems without having to go monastic on a mountain top.  

​By simultaneously engaging the conscious mind, the body, and subtle energy systems (via the meridians, chakras, and biofield), we can fairly swiftly liberate energy that's long been tied up in:

  • Limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Unresolved emotions from the past that create tension in your nervous system

  • Maintaining your comfort zone (aka the status quo that's keeping you 'safe' but not satisfied)


With this new freedom, you can finally channel your life force into enjoying the present and creating the future you desire. 

Want to explore working together?

If you're feeling truly ready to commit to deep transformation, it would be my pleasure to schedule a 20-minute consultation call. It is my intention for this appointment to be impactful in your life and a helpful opportunity for us to explore our collaborative fit. If this invitation sparks a "yes" for you, send an email my way: I look forward to meeting with you soon!

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